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Welcome to Army Relax

Army Relax was started by Arvind with a clear vision & mission to cater to the demands of highly unorganized Armed Forces Footwear Market. Ever since the inception of the Company our major focus has always been on producing the best Boots for Armed Forces Personnel.
Head Office is in Delhi of Army Relax, supported by our manufacturing and development unit in Delhi.
Army Relax is synonymous with quality shoes for ARMY & OTHER PARAMILITARY FORCES. We manufacture boots among all the categories for Armed Forces ranging from LIGHT WEIGHT HIGH ANKEL BOOTS to DMS Boots, from AMMUNITION Boots to DRESS Shoes etc.


Army Relax has carved out a special niche in the Armed Forces footwear market. Vipul Enterprises aims to increase its brand equity in niche segments of the footwear market , which offer opportunities for sustainable and profitable growth over the long term. The Company is executing a growth strategy based on leveraging itself with technology innovation, compelling marketing initiatives and enhanced customer service.